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ToadWorks Presents the Spring Shred Contest!

Hosted by Tom Quayle and ToadWorks USA

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Contest Prizes

1st Prize: A Signed Vermilion SuperDrive Protoype

2nd and 3rd Runners-Up: Texas Flood pedal

Top 5 Honorable Mentions: ToadWorks T-shirt
Contest Rules & Submission Requirements

This competition is being judged by Tom Quayle and ToadWorks USA. All submissions must be made in video format, uploaded to a video hosting website (ex: YouTube). We realize not everyone has access to a professional studio, but the better it sounds, the better we will be able to hear you, so do the best you can.

Step 1: Download one of the backing tracks (located in the lower left-hand column) and compose a solo over it.

Step 2: Record a video of yourself playing your solo over one of the provided backing tracks. NOTE: When you upload your video, the video title MUST read 'ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011 Entry'

Step 3: Chill and wait.

The judges will get together to choose the winners. The winning submissions (including runners-up and honorable mentions) may all be put in a Final Winners video, as well as special promotion from Tom Quayle and ToadWorks USA.

Submission may be made starting April 15, and the final deadline for submissions will be May 20, 2011. Any entries made after this deadline will not be judged. The winners will be announced June 10, 2011.
Official Contest Backing Tracks

Please select and download one of the following backing tracks:

Track 1: Chili

Track 2: Fusion

Track 3: Rock

All submissions must include one of these three backing tracks.