Frequently Asked Questions
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I have an older version Barracuda. Can I get it upgraded to the new version? Unfortunately, no. We do not upgrade Barracuda pedals - the only reusable component is the box. You'll have to buy a new one.

Which version of Barracuda do I have? There are a couple ways to tell. First take a look at the 1/4" jacks:

You can also take off the back lid and look at the PCB:

I saw a picture of Eric Johnson's pedalboard, and his Barracuda appears to have a toggle switch on the side. What is it for? EJ uses batteries, and the toggle switch is just to disable the battery when not in use.

What is the Alternate Regeneration Path Switch, and how do I get one? The ARPS is exactly what is sounds like - it's a completely separate regeneration path, from the BBD output back to the beginning of the circuit. It makes the flange effect sound low and throaty, very reminiscent of a talk-box (think Rock Mountain Way).

The modification includes the addition of a toggle switch to select the original path, as well as the new, alternate path. Please note this is a factory upgrade only - this is NOT something you can do yourself. It's not just the addition of a switch. The cost for US domestic customers is $50 for the upgrade, plus return shipping. Overseas customers may order pre-modified pedals through their local dealers. Please check with your local dealer for pricing info. We can only modify the NEW version of the Barracuda. The older version cannot be modified. Also, we can only modify pedals that are working, and have not been modified or altered in any way.